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Two office drones patiently sit in a series of early meetings, awaiting their absentee boss. As they wait, they are forced to make small talk, ranging from the mundane to the absurd.

The idea for the cartoon web series 9 AM Meeting came to Dan McCoy on the subway, en route to his day job, where he's rarely important enough to be invited to any meetings, 9 am or otherwise. He enlisted the possessor of one of the funniest brains and cartooniest voices he knows, Matt Koff, to co-write and perform, then hid in his room for a month to develop the patented "barely animated" Danimation™* look that fans (or "9 AManiacs")* know and love.

In summer, 2009, the first episode of 9 AM Meeting competed as part of New York's Channel 101, debuting with a #1 ranking, as voted by the audience. Episode two screened as part of the New York Television and Video Festival, and continued the streak by earning the 3rd highest vote share in 101 history. At the 2009 Channy Awards, 9 AM Meeting took home two statuettes-one for Best Writing, proving the voters' good taste, and one for Best Animation, proving the voters' keen sense of irony.

That fall, 9 AM Meeting made history by joining the Writer's Guild of America, East as one of the very first new media signatories to join the WGA, expanding the guild's focus from film and television, into emerging technologies. More importantly, huge film companies are now forced to curry Dan and Matt's awards favor by sending them free DVDs.

The series has been called "disarmingly laid back," "wonderfully absurd," and "the perfect mix of The Office, Dr. Katz, and Waiting for Godot"-mostly within the creators' heads. We thank you for watching, and urge you-should you ever be stuck in such a meeting-for god's sake just nut up and leave.


Dan McCoy—“Dan”
Dan's writing has appeared via the airwaves on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, NPR's Morning Edition, and Seattle public radio's Rewind. It has appeared via the Internetwaves** at Modern Humorist and Gawker, and through his bad movie podcast The Flop House. You may have seen him via the stagewaves** in Mr. Whitepants' Comedy Hour, Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You, or The Primetime Kalan. Lastly he's written for the dying printwaves** as a regular contributor to NYC's late, lamented humor magazine Jest and the just-launched and soon to be lamented Whim Quarterly.


Matt Koff—“Matt”
Not to be outdone, Matt enjoys beginning all autobiographical entries with the phrase "not to be outdone." The trick has worked well so far; at the time of writing this, Matt has yet to be outdone. Matt is a contributing writer for the Onion News Network. He has also written for JibJab.com, DRW Magazine, and Brooklyn's 11211 Magazine. He has performed comedy at the Upright Citizens' Brigade Theater, the Magnet Theater, and the late great punk venue CBGB's (whose restrooms were a tad worse than you can possibly imagine). Matt is a founding member of the sketch troupe Mr. Whitepants' Comedy Hour. For more on Matt Koff, please visit http://www.mattkoff.com.

*These are not real words.

**These are also not words.